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Korda XT Snag Leader 50lb /0.55mm 100m

A super-tough, heavy monofilament snag leader, available in a subtle dark drown colour.
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Manufacturer: Korda

A super-tough, heavy monofilament snag leader, available in a subtle dark drown colour.
Supplied on 100m spools.

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Korda Wide Gape X Hooks


The Wide Gape X is a beefed-up version of the Wide Gape, designed for use in the most extreme fishing situations on the Planet. It's been road-tested on infamously snaggy waters, like Rainbow Lake, and has even been used to land monster species like Arapaima and Mekong Catfish. Just like it's little brother, the Wide Gape X is suited to both pop-up and bottom-bait presentations. The heavily forged, square bend, beaked point and in-turned eye combine to make sure that you land that elusive monster, whether you're fishing a hard syndicate in the UK, or dodging tree stumps on some Continental super-water.

Sticky Baits - Manilla Freezer Boilies 5KG


Peanuts have been used previously by many anglers throughout the years, however due to the high fat content they could only be used in small quantities, although when used they were highly successful. Sticky Baits use a product exclusive to them that has been partially de-fatted providing all nutrients needed.

Sticky Baits - Manilla Tuff Ones


The Manilla Tuff ones were created as another option to a simple hookbait with Manilla boilies, the standard boilies are highly soluble, which makes them extremely effective. However they quickly break down over time meaning they are not suitable as a hookbait for prolonged periods - introducing, the Tuff Ones. They are toughened hookbaits made using exactly the same base mix as the bottom baits, with added binders.

Korda - Boom Fluorocarbon Stiff Link


Boom is a game-changing fluorocarbon! It’s our first fluorocarbon that can be crimped, which opens up a world of uses for rig tying. Its prime function is for creating stiff boom sections to help kick the hook bait away from the lead system, something Boom does each and every cast. You can use it to make combi-rigs, or out-and-out stiff rigs, for pop-ups and bottom baits alike. Your imagination is the only limit to its rig applications. Being a fluorocarbon, Boom blends with all lake bed types and, thanks to its subtle, green tint, it’s always inconspicuous to carp feeding around it. Boom is available in 0.55mm and 0.65mm, on 15m spools.