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Korda Slow Sinking Imitation Boilies

These imitation boilie hookbaits are the ultimate solution if your hookbaits are prone to unwanted attention from species other than carp, particularly crayfish.
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Manufacturer: Korda

Crafted with precision, these hookbaits have been designed to complement the Mainline Freezer and Ready-Made boilie ranges, giving you a strategic edge in challenging fishing conditions.

The hookbaits feature a recessed cavity, engineered to ensure that a Korda Hair Stop sits flush inside the boilie. This not only enhances presentation but also optimises the bait's effectiveness by eliminating any potential disruptions caused by crayfish or any other unwanted attention from birdlife etc.

Featuring a delicate washed-out coloration, these hookbaits are not only visually appealing but also highly attractive due to the infusion of Mainline Baits flavouring.  

Their slow-sinking nature enables them to be fished as wafters over your free offerings and with the impregnated flavour, they are the perfect match-the-hatch option, whether you’re leaving baits out for long periods of time or wishing to avoid unwanted attention from anything other than your target species.

Available in 15mm (9 per packet) and 18mm (6 per packet).

Key features

  • Imitation boilie hookbaits
  • Perfect for withstanding attention from Crayfish
  • Recessed hair stop cavity
  • Washed out colour
  • Slow-sinking buoyancy
  • Impregnated with Mainline flavour
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