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Korda Mini Heli Safe Kable Leadcore Leaders

Kable leadcore leaders incorporating the Mini Heli Safes, great for demanding situations
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Manufacturer: Korda

The Korda Heli-Safe system is brilliant for use with any helicopter style set-up, whether you are using a conventional rig or a chod, and is now available constructed on Kable leadcore and ready to use straight out of the packet.

These leadcore leaders are 1m in length, which makes them perfect for pinning everything to the lakebed and protecting fish from line damage during the fight, but aren’t so long that they adversely affect your casting. Not only is this a brilliant anti-tangle set up, but it is also very safe for the fish as it incorporates the Mini Heli-Safe System – a more compact version of the original - and ensures that the lead will come off whenever it needs to. It also incorporates our No-Trace Safety System, which ensures that in the event of your main line breaking, the hook link can easily come free of the leader, and each pack contains two spare No-Trace Beads (these can also be bought separately when you need more).

The top rubber on the No-Trace Safety System can be set close to the lead when fishing over a clean bottom, or moved all the way up to the other end of the leader when fishing over weed or debris, especially with chods. The Mini Heli-Safe can be set in different ways depending on the fishing situation, with the standard spring releasing the lead under minimal pressure and ensuring it is dropped on the take, which is great in thick weed. Or that can be replaced by the red spring (two supplied) which is designed for waters which are generally snag and weed free, and where you only want to drop the lead if it does become stuck in something.

There is also the option to add a collar (two supplied) which means that the lead will never be ejected, but in the event of a breakage the fish can still get free due to the No-Trace Safety System. The use of a size 11 QC Ring Swivel allows you to quickly and easy change rigs, and a spliced loop at one end makes it simple to attach to your main line – loop-to-loop style is simplest and quickest. The Kable Heli-Safe Leadcore Leaders are available in a choice of Gravel Brown or Weed/Silt, with two per pack, and also come with: 2 x spare No-Trace Beads; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe collars; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe red springs.

- Constructed on Kable leadcore
- Ready to use straight out of the packet
- Incorporates the Mini Heli-Safe System
- Includes No-Trace Safety System

2 leaders per pack

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