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Korda Mini Heli-Safe

The best lead ejection system just got better! thanks to a clever tweak they are now more compact and less visible
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Manufacturer: Korda

The Heli-Safe System is an amazing product and is already widely used by anglers all over the world, but now, thanks to a clever tweak, they have come up with this new more compact version.

Available in brown and green

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Korda - Pear Swivel Leads


The classic pear lead will cast a very very long way, almost as far as the Distance Casting and it is less affected by cross winds because the shape is very condensed. This means that the Pear lead is suited to most carp fishing situations when fishing anything up to the very limit of your casting ability. The dumpy shape can be used to your advantage in silt. Try using a very light pear lead say 1oz or 2oz and actually let the lead plug into the silt, this will dramatically increase the resistance to a carp moving away with the rig, so what feels like a light lead in your hand is transformed into a heavy lead in the fishing situation. Because the lead has a large rounded end it makes 'feeling' the lead hit the bottom easier than more slender or pointed shapes. If you are new to this technique this lead will make the job easier.

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These adjustable upright sections are available in three sizes (3.5in, 5.5in and 8in) so that your rods can be set up exactly how you want them. They have been precision engineered by wizards JAG Products, to guarantee that they're the best quality available.

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As the name suggests this lead is designed purely for casting long distances, the nose heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also keeps the lead condensed giving good hooking efficiency.