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Korda Compac Water Bucket

The Compac Water Bucket provides a water transfer solution without the need for transporting the normal bulky plastic buckets.
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Manufacturer: Korda

With a volume of 8 litres, the fold-flat bucket provides the perfect amount of water needed to keep fish healthy while on the bank.  This versatile, lightweight, and compact bucket can also be used to mix bait, test rigs and wash hands. 

Additionally, it can be conveniently stored and transported as it can be folded flat when not in use.

Compac luggage is manufactured using high performance fabrics and military grade components, creating an organised, strong, lightweight, durable luggage system.


22cm x 22cm x 22cm / 8 litre capacity

Key features

  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Durable welded PVC fabric
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • 8 litre capacity
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