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Korda Basix Tackle Box

Designed to offer plenty of storage space yet still retain a smaller, compact design giving you the perfect mix for a tiny price, these tackle boxes really are a thing of beauty
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Manufacturer: Korda

The Korda BASIX Tackle Box has been designed to offer plenty of storage space for all your rig bits, whilst making it easy to organise and find them when you need to. It is made from shockproof, high impact plastic, with a translucent lid to enable you to see inside.

The lid features a ruler to enable you to accurately measure your rigs and is fastened via two latch closures to prevent any chance of it coming open during transit. Inside the lid of the BASIX Tackle Box are 21 small latched compartments of various sizes, which are perfect for storing items such as lead clips and swivels. Inside the box there are two large compartments, with fixed dividers, which are perfect for rig tools, hook link spools and the like.

It also features a removeable rig tray, complete with pins, which can be used to store up to eight pre-tied rigs (such as the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs), and under this is another long storage compartment.

- Made from shockproof, high impact plastic
- 21 small latched compartments in lid
- Two large compartments, with dividers
- Removeable rig tray

Please note this is for the tackle box only.

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