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JAG Rod Locker Black


This tiny product will give you the peace of mind that you will never loose your rod to a bite

JAG Net Locker Black


You can now leave your prize safely in the net confident there is no chance of escape

JAG Digging Stick


The ultimate digging stick featuring a ground smashing XCAVATOR point

JAG Prolite Black High Tippers


The easiest way to fish effectively in weed, simply unscrew the inner thread and choose from 9 positions before locking in place keeping your rod tips high and out of the weed which in turn will effect bite indication

JAG Prolite Black Banksticks


Lightweight with a solid carbon inner, these banksticks are engineered to last

JAG Lockdown Body Prolite Black


Keep them rods locked & loaded ready for that all important ripping take!!

JAG Lockdown Inserts


Interchangeable butt grips for the lockdown rests, seeing is believing even if you are fishing locked up they wont move an inch

JAG Prolite Black 2 Plus 1 Buzz Bars


The next generation of buzz bars, quickly change your set up from a two rod to a three rod or vice versa. In the awesome Prolite Black these really are a sight to behold!!

Jag solution Pen Twin Pack


These pens stop the tips of your hook points rusting over.

JAG Ultra Eye


Better than the human eye, see more!

SP Stone Red/Green Pack


Fine honing stones to touch up your hook points.

Jag SP Max File


This file is simply awesome! Sharpen your hook with ease with this easy to use file.