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For the Carp Species then you will need a good strong hook. We would recommend Korda Wide Gape XX & Krank X hooks in sizes 2 & 6.

For the more predator type species like Arapaima, Red Tails etc then we would recommend a good strong hook like the Catfish Pro BP Hooks in a size 1/0 or 2/0, These are ideal  for fishing big bits of Meat or Dead Fish.

Catfish Pro BP Special Hooks Barbed


These hooks are designed for big boilies or pellets. Hence the 'BP'. Strong and sharp, the perfect hair rig hook.

Korda - Krank X Hooks


The original Krank hook pattern, devised by Tom Dove, has been so successful, it seemed only right to add to the family. The latest addition comes in the formidable shape of the Krank X, which is exactly the same as the Krank, but is made from a thicker, stronger wire, which means that it's perfect for more extreme fishing conditions.

Korda - Wide Gape XX Hooks


The Wide Gape XX is two wire gauges higher than the standard Wide Gape and has been designed, developed and tested for use in the most demanding of fishing situations in the world! All of the dimensions that have made the Wide Gape a classic pattern are mirrored exactly in the XX version, so you know that these hooks are proven, as well as super-strong.