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Catfish Pro Ready Tied Hair Rigs


More than capable of taming those monster moggies, simply tie them on and away you go!!

Catfish Pro Catlink Hooligan 120lb (54kg) (10)


High abrasion resistance to take the strain of long drawn out battles with large catfish, you can rest assured you aren't breaking this stuff in a hurry

Catfish Pro Squid Rig 1/0


A purpose build rig, tied with the components to last. Available in Barbed or Barbless.

Catfish Pro Polyball Livebait Rig Barbless


A easy to use Barbless livebait rig set up. Different sizes available.

Catfish Pro Polyball Livebait Rig Barbed


Ready to go live bait catfsh rig.

Catfish Pro Toughlink Fluorocarbon Hooklink


Tough as old boots and invisible in water makes this flourocarbon hooklink ideal for wary Cats.

Catfish Pro Catlink XT


Soft, supple braid, designed to up hold even the biggest of Catfish. Available in different breaking strains.

Kryston Quicksilver Shock Leader


This leader has a few uses, obviously its a shock leader so can be used on testing environments or doubles up as a great hook link material for big carp or catfish. Available in different sizes.

Kryston Ton Up 85lb Catfish Braid 10m


Extremely high abrasion resistant Catfish hooklink or snag leader.