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Your rigs do not need to be complicated for any of these species, they just have to be strong and reliable, afterall you are fishing for some of the biggest freshwater fish in the WORLD!

For the carp and majority of other fish that swim in the lake then we would suggest Korda's Armakord in 85lb or Korda Hooklinks in 65lb. Kryston Ton Up is also a great hooklength.

For the Arapaima we would suggest Catfish Pros's Catlink XT in 120lb.

Catfish Pro Catlink Hooligan 120lb (54kg) (10)


High abrasion resistance to take the strain of long drawn out battles with large catfish, you can rest assured you aren't breaking this stuff in a hurry

Catfish Pro Catlink XT


Soft, supple braid, designed to up hold even the biggest of Catfish. Available in different breaking strains.

Kryston Ton Up 85lb Catfish Braid 10m


Extremely high abrasion resistant Catfish hooklink or snag leader.

FOX - Edges Camo 50lb Armadillo Shock & Snag Leader


Manufactured from woven Dyneema to create an ultra-hard wearing braided line. Perfect for use as a shock/snag leader and also great as a heavy-duty hooklength.

Korda - Arma Kord Sinking Leader


Put simply, this is the sinking version of our all-conquering Arma-kord leader material. Arma-kord has rightly developed a great reputation for reliability and the addition of this sinking version will simply cement its place at the very top of the tree. Reach for this on demanding waters where snags make a solid snag leader essential.

Korda - Armakord XT 85lb


An increased-diameter, ultra-high performance leader material. Available in a dark camou green to blend well with a range of lake bed type.