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Enterprise Tackle Imitation Worms


Our imitation popup Redworms can be used in several ways for a variety of species.

Dynamite Baits CompleX-T Dumbell Wafters 15mm


A 15mm dumbell made using the same key ingredients as Terry’s original, fish-loving CompleX-T boilies.

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Busters


A new addition to the Big Fish River Range which barbel, chub and carp just love.

Dynamite Baits The Source Luncheon Meat 250g


The New Source Luncheon Meat is designed for big fish river anglers and carpers

Mainline Match Big River Barbel Dumbell Hookbaits


Using the same top-quality ingredients as the Big River Barbel Mix

Mainline Match Dumbell Wafters


Easy to use in a band, on a hair rig, or on a bayonet, like the other wafters in the range, they are super versatile.

Dynamite Baits Big Fish Durable Hook Pellets 6mm


A super attractive, high leakage, hook pellets which are soft enough to slide easily on to the hook but tough enough to stay on it even when casting at distance.

Dynamite Baits The Source Durable Hook Pellets


Dynamites legendary The Source range is now available in a durable hooker form.

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Hookbaits - Shrimp & Krill 12mm


A new addition to the Big Fish River Range. Durable Hookbaits. High leakage and three flavours perfect for barbel, chub and carp fishing on running water.

Specialized Hookbaits S2 (35 Baits)


The undisputed, heavyweight champion of catching carp and not just carp but big carp!!

Specialized Hookbaits GPB2 (Garlic Pro Biotic 2) (35 Baits)


Same fantastic attraction as the original GBP1 hookbaits now with the addition of 33% pre digested fishmeal to make an even more devastating hookbait (if thats even possible!!)

Specialized Hookbaits GPB1 (Garlic Pro Biotic) (35 Baits)


As the name suggests these are truly specialized, made from a blend of natural ingredients (and a few secrets) to give a pungent, irresistible, deadly hookbait