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Hook Baits

Dynamite Baits The Source Luncheon Meat 250g


The New Source Luncheon Meat is designed for big fish river anglers and carpers

Dynamite Baits Big Fish Durable Hook Pellets 6mm


A super attractive, high leakage, hook pellets which are soft enough to slide easily on to the hook but tough enough to stay on it even when casting at distance.

Dynamite Baits The Source Durable Hook Pellets


Dynamites legendary The Source range is now available in a durable hooker form.

Ringers Chocolate Orange Duo's 6+10mm


Can be used for anything from skimmers to F1s to carp.

Micro Band'Um Wafter Fluoro


As different tactics adapt over time, so does our thinking in regards the best hookbaits in certain situations

Ringers Bandems


The ideal hookbait to snatch a quick bite

Sonubaits Pro Paste


Top level paste made for the serious paste angler

Fjuka Floating Neeonz Hookbait Pellets (7mm 27g)


Sparking an instant response from sight feeding fish

Fjuka Neeonz Hookbait Pellets (7mm 50g)


Fantastic hookbait made to catch the fishes attention thanks to their vibrant colour and attraction

Fjuka FATBOYS 2 in 1 Pellets (10mm 195g)


The ultimate soft hookbait!!!

Fjuka MICROS 2 in 1 Pellets (3mm 195g)


Great for on the hook or feeding, don't leave home without it!!

Fjuka ORIGINAL 2 in 1 Pellets (5mm 195g)


Super attractive hookable feed pellets ideal for using as both hookbaits and loosefeed