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Hinders Bait

Hinder Blitz Multi Mix 750g


Blitz Multi-Mix is not your ordinary groundbait - it's a carefully crafted blend of ingredients that have been selected to provide maximum attraction and feeding stimulation.

Hinders Bait Elips Oil 250ml


There are many uses for this liquid. Add extra attraction to your pellets, groundbait, hookbaits, Even PVA Bags.

Hinders Baits Elips Paste 150g


Wrap this around your baits for additional attraction. The Barbel cant resist .

Hinders Bait Elips X Hard Dumbell Hookbaits 90g


Purposely designed Barbel & Chub Hookbaits that are perfect for the specialist angler.

Hinders Bait Elips Dumbells 700g


The best specialist pellet with a dumbell Boilie to complement the range.

Hinders Bait Ground Elips Pellet Groundbait 700g


The ULTIMATE pellet, grounded up. Many uses quicker release of flavours in the swim, attracting the fish quicker and holding them in the swim for longer.

Hinders Bait Elips Pellets 700g


This pellet needs no introduction. A proven winner and accountable for literally thousands of pellets. Full range and sizes avaliable.

Hinders Bait Barbel Blitz Elips Pellets 650g


Large Barbel pellets around 10mm in size that are great for Barbel but also great for other species like Chub, Tench & Carp.

Hinders Baits Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix Groundbait


Finally grounded pellets make up this highly attractive groundbait. Add to any Barbel mix for instant attraction.

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Concentrate Liquid 125ml


Add to your hookbaits, Pellets, Groundbaits, even PVA Bags.

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Paste 150g


Wrap your hookbaits for added attarction. The Barbel can't get enough!

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Chunks 140g


Pre Drilled, Barbel Bomb Pellets that Barbel can not resist. And smelly liquid for extra attraction.