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Wolf Cube 200 Powerbeam Headlight


This powerful 200 lumen headlight is rechargeable with a hands-free sensor switch that gives you the option of turning the headlight on and off with a wave of the hand across the sensor.

Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 220m


Light the way with ease with this hands-free motion-operated headtorch.

Ridgemonkey VRH150X USB Rechargeable Headtorch


Long lasting and hard-wearing, the VRH150X USB Rechargeable Headtorch offers up to 360 hours of light from one single charge.

Prologic Inspire Head Light


Fishing in the dark brings about its own unique set of challenges, but you can overcome them all in style with the Prologic Inspire head light.

Wolf Powertech HL-1300 Powerbeam Headlight


The HL-1300 boasts an impressive 1300-lumen output, providing a bright and focused beam of light.

Sonik Gizmo Headtorches


Sonik's range of quality headtorches without a hefty price tag

FOX HALO Multi-Colour Headtorch


350 lumen headtorch with three colour options

FOX HALO 200 Headtorch


200 lumen head torch with adjustable brightness

Ridgemonkey VRH300X USB Headtorch


A new revamped version of the classic VRH300 headtorch, now however jammed with more features

Nash Moonshine Mega Lite


The Moonshine Mega Lite is the result of a lengthy development to design the ultimate high power lamp for anglers.

Nash Moonshine Multi Light


The most versatile headtorch. Tailored for anglers with a multitude of uses

Nash Moonshine Micro Lite


The perfect headtroch for the mobile angler, small yet packs a big punch