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Hard Lures

Fox Rage Big Eye Blade


Vibration style metal lure design to give you another dimension to your lure fishing

Rapala Rap-V Bladed Jig 21g


The Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple lures and blends them into a full-sensory attack!

Fox Rage Big Eye Spin


A micro body / spinnerbait hybrid to form a lure that big predators cannot resist

Rapala Jigging Shadow Rap Vertical Jigging Lure 9cm 17g


Featuring a tantalizing darting action

Rapala V-Rap Blade Rattling Sinking Lure 6cm 14g


This extremely versatile bait produces instant vibration on the lift or retrieve

Rapala X-RAP Otus Slow Sink Lure 17cm 40g


The ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions.

Rapala X-Rap Peto Hybrid Slow Sink Lure 14cm 39g


The perfect choice for cold water and challenging conditions.... a real get out of jail lure

Rapala BX Big Brat 7cm 21g


A real bully of a lure packed with fish catching attitude!

Rapala Countdown Sinking 5cm 5g


Consistently reach suspended fish at any depth with the CountDown

Rapala Twitchin' Shad Slow Sinking 8cm 13g


Performs a wide twitching walk-the-dog swimming action

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 9cm 25g Suspending


Sends out a “distressed-minnow” signal loud and clear

Rapala Shad Dancer 7cm 15g Floating


Swimming with a silent, aggressive hard thumping sweeping tail action