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Guru Waterproof Socks


Trendy, but more importantly warm and comfortable.

Guru A Class Margin Pole 800 8.0m


The A-Class range has proven to be incredibly popular since its release last year. Catering for anglers that require a more affordable range of tackle. Following on from this massive success we’re very pleased to announce the launch of the A-Class pole range.

Guru Maggot Riddle


The Maggot Riddle has been designed to riddle small live baits such as maggots, pinkies and bloodworm quickly and effectively.

Guru 5.3 pint Bait Box


The 5.3 Pint Bait Box is the perfect bait box for larger volumes of particles baits, such as pellets, hemp, corn, maggots, casters, etc.

Guru Pole Tape


The Pole Tape is used in pole fishing to make sure you are always fishing effectively and accurately. Used to wrap around pole sections when fishing to a particular spot to ensure you are always fishing in the same place.

Guru A-Class Pellet Waggler Rods


They're a quality affordable choice for pellet waggler work

Guru A-Class Feeder Rods


The A-Class feeder range offers an affordable rod that will cover all feeder fishing situations.

Guru A-Class 300 Net Handle 3m 2pc


A quality 2 piece 3m landing net handle addition to Guru's bargain A-class product range.

Guru A-Class 4000 Reel


Fantastic value for money, a true A Class Reel

Guru Mini Stealth Reaper Rear Rest


Shorter and more compact than the original Reaper rest, coupled with a toned down colour scheme makes this a far more desirable product

Guru Mini Stealth Reaper Rest


Primary aimed at river anglers or angler who fish natural venues the new "toned down look" makes them a lot more desirable and discreet

Guru Plus 4 System 17l


Solving the issue of having tackle rattling around in buckets or having to take multiple buckets with you fishing