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CC MOORE All Season PVA Bag Mix 1kg


All Season Bag Mix is a low oil, attraction packed PVA bag mix that instantly releases soluble, feed inducing triggers to all layers of your swim, in any water temperature.

Mainline Pro Active Bag & Stick Mixes 1kg


The design of our Stick & Bag mixes is built on Mainline's extensive knowledge and experience in bait formulation

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Groundbait & Method Mix 1.8kg


Now in new recyclable packaging, Marine Halibut Method mix is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Marine Halibut range.

Sonubaits Super Crush Power Scopex 2kg


A Beautiful Golden Mix With Power Scopex Flavour!

Dynamite Baits Silver X Roach Groundbait 900g


Purposely created for targeting roach on all types of water

Dynamite Baits Big Fish Sweet Banoffi Method Mix 1.8kg


A rich biscuit and pellet mix with a hint of sweet banana & toffee

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Groundbait 1.8kg


A new addition to the Big Fish River Range

Mainline Match Big River Barbel Groundbait 1kg


Mainline's Big River Barbel mix is the perfect recipe for big Barbel and all specimen species!

Mainline Match Super Natural Groundbaits 1kg


Rich with a complex mix of sweet biscuits, fresh seeds, crushed hemp, quality breadcrumb and numerous appetite stimulating sweeteners and attractants, this dark-coloured groundbait is designed for all natural venues where a real mixture of fish are the target, in particular in clear water.

Mainline Match F1 Groundbaits 1kg


Fluffy and sweet, with the key ingredients of quality crushed pellets and fishmeal that commercial fish love!

Hinder Blitz Multi Mix 750g


Blitz Multi-Mix is not your ordinary groundbait - it's a carefully crafted blend of ingredients that have been selected to provide maximum attraction and feeding stimulation.

Bait-Tech Special G Meaty Margin Mix 2kg


Special ‘G’ Margin & Meaty Margin Mix are the ultimate margin fishing groundbaits!