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Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna Groundbait 2kg


Packed with all the natural attractors found in Krill and Tuna making this a sure fire, fish catching classic

Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Stick Mix 1kg


Ready to use stick mix, simply moisten with the tiger nut liquid and away you go

Dynamite Baits The Source Stick Mix 1kg


Ready to use straight from the bag all you need is to dampen it slightly and away you go

Sonubaits 50:50 Method and Paste Green 2kg


Brilliant for moulding around a method feeder or using as the hookbait itself

Sonubaits Supercarp Method Mix 2kg


Slow sinking groundbait making it great for feeding through a pole pot

Sonubaits Supercrush Green Groundbait 2kg


Made with crushed green koi pellets giving it an incredible attractor profile

CC MOORE Belachan Bag Mix 1kg


This stuff absolutely stinks!! made from fermented shrimp the belachan bag mix is a sure fire fish magnet!!

Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker Stick Mix


Lovely sweet aroma and packed full of nutritious ingredients the Strawberry Nutcracker Stick Mix is perfect for getting a halo of attraction around your hookbait

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna 15mm Session Pack


Ready for every eventuality with the added advantage of fantastic value for money

CC MOORE Live System 15mm Session Pack


A guaranteed short session hauling pack to cover all basis!!

Nash Ball Maker


The key to accurate baiting with ground bait balls is making sure they are all the same size.

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Bag Mix 1kg


Containing various Pacific Tuna products such as 25% boilie crumb and fast breakdown pellets the bag mix is the perfect complementary mix for solid or mesh bag fishing, especially devastating when coupled with a bright hook bait!