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Mainline Baits ISO Fish High Impact Groundbait 2kg


With groundbaits now making serious inroads into all forms of carp fishing we have developed a range of groundbaits to suit all situations.

Mainline Baits ISO Fish Stick Mix 1kg


Ideally suited to PVA bags and sticks and can also be added to spod mixes

Bait-Tech Poloni Groundbait 2kg


Back for 2024 is Bait Tech's Poloni method mix. Full of pungent spice meaty attraction with a high food value, this is can be an awesome method mix in the summer months.

Nash Scopex Squid Smoking Stick Mix 200g 2024


Nashbait’s Smoking Stick Mix formula is an active stick filling that gently fizzes and clouds the area around your hookbait with smell and taste, attracting carp both from longer distances and from above in deeper water. For best results mix with PVA friendly dedicated liquids such as Syrup or Liquid Bait Soak.

CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver PVA Bag Mix 1kg


This superb year-round bag mix is highly effective when fished with just a hookbait or in conjunction with other products from our Pro-Stim Liver Range.

Nash Citruz Fizzing Stick Mix 200g


Citruz Fizzing Stick Mix is the fizzing fruit cocktail stick filling that brings a feeding response when other baits fail.

Mainline Match Green Supreme Fishmeal Groundbait 1kg


A groundbait designed to catch all species of fish on a range of venues and methods!

Mainline Match Red Supreme Groundbait 1kg


A groundbait designed to catch all species of fish on a range of venues and methods!

Nash 2024 Citruz Flake 1kg


One of Kevin Nash's original big carp edges, Nashbait Flake is produced from whole boilies after they are cooked, exactly the same as the baits that are bagged up to be sold.

CC MOORE All Season PVA Bag Mix 1kg


All Season Bag Mix is a low oil, attraction packed PVA bag mix that instantly releases soluble, feed inducing triggers to all layers of your swim, in any water temperature.

Mainline Pro Active Bag & Stick Mixes 1kg


The design of our Stick & Bag mixes is built on Mainline's extensive knowledge and experience in bait formulation

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Groundbait & Method Mix 1.8kg


Now in new recyclable packaging, Marine Halibut Method mix is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Marine Halibut range.