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Gardner Tackle

Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark Chod Hook


Hard sharpened hooks featuring needle sharp points to further heighten your chances of hooking riggy fish

Gardener Mirage Platinum Flourocarbon 15lb


Incredible knot strength, durability and diameter the Mirage Platinum has all the characteristics of a fantastic fluorocarbon line

Gardner Hydro-Sink Noir Braided Mainline


Outperforming all other braided mainlines on the market and tested to the very extremes on demanding venues such as Burghfield and Dinton, the Hydrosink Noir is head and shoulders above the rest

Gardner Pulsar Head Torch


Unlike most USB rechargeable head torches this will not break the banks but it will still perform just as good as others on the market.

Gardner Lite Wave Head Torch


A light weight and comfortable to wear head torch from gardner that has a handy motion sensor feature.

Gardner Marker Elastic


A classic way to mark your line to ensure you can get back in the same spot each and every time after each bite.

Gardner Knuckle Guard


There is nothing worse than when using a catapult when the pouch and elastic catches you, enter the knuckle guard, this helps eliminate all these problems.

Gardner Compact DPM Bedchair Cover


Weather it is a light weight summer cover or a bit of extra warmth in the winter bedchair covers are a handy bit of kit which can be used all year round.

Gardner Ultra Sink 25lb


A tungsten impregnated coated hooklink which is is based from Gardner's very popular ultra skin, it is nice and supple but incredibly strong and heavy too.

Gardner Kinetic Shock Leader


A shock leader is a must have when it comes to spodding, it will save you from cracking off and loosing spomb after spomb into the abyss.

Gardner Hydro-Sink Braid


Where allowed braided mainline is a massive advantage other mono.

Gardner HydroTUFF


When pure brute strength is what you need, look no further than the Gardner HydroTUFF, this gear will not let you down and is a lot of big fish anglers go to mainline.