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Gardner Mozzi Lamp

A must have for summer angling
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Manufacturer: Gardner Tackle

Insect Killer/ Bivvy Light/ Torch. Solar powered and USB rechargeable Mozzi Lamp.

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Korda - Pop Up Corn


Korda's first release in the Fake Food range is this pop-up imitation corn. It's Danny Fairbrass' baby, and here's what he has to say about it: “I have put a great deal of time and effort into formulating a bespoke range of plastic hook baits to cover almost any angling situation, worldwide. Our baits are different from anything else because they contain our favourite flavour/attractor combinations arrived at after years of making our own pop-ups, actually moulded into the plastic. These flavour combinations are as follows, I.B. - Ali's Illegal bast###s, a blend of several fruits that is now legendary. Pink Fruity Squid - blend of the best squid and several fruity attractors. White Banoffee - Danny's most recent favourite that has caught him huge fish all over Europe

Fishon Under the Counter Specials


With out doubt, a real game changer of a hook bait, if you're not using them you are missing out!

Sticky Baits - Pure Salmon Oil 500ml


As with all of Sticky Baits products, they are produced to their best quality using only high grade ingredients, this liquid contains fresh Scottish salmon oil, it is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, an essential fatty acid in a carps diet. Salmon oil has many uses, coating hookbaits, boilies and freebies, as well as a thin glug over baits, especially over warmer months.