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Frenzee FXT EVA Bait Tubs


Made from 100% waterproof EVA material these bait tubs can be used to fit inside the FXT Carryalls, Cool Bags, Bait Trays and Cool Trays

Frenzee FXT EVA Zipped Groundbait Bowls


The zipped groundbait bowls allow you to keep the consistency of your groundbait perfect for long periods as it allows it to be stored away from the elements like sun and rain which over time will change to firmness of your bait

Frenzee FXT EVA Groundbait Bowls


Great addition to the Frenzee range a dedicated groundbait mixing bowl made from wipe down EVA material

Frenzee FXT EVA Bait Tray inc Bait Tubs


Ideal for storing large amounts of bait for tournaments or for longer matches

Frenzee FXT EVA Cool Bait Tray inc Bait Tubs


Keeping your bait fresh for long periods

Frenzee FXT EVA Cases


Ideal for storing smaller items of tackle such as hooks and selections of feeders

Frenzee FXT EVA Net Bags


Keep the interior of your car smelling fresh by storing your wet keepnets inside these durable EVA Bags

Frenzee FXT Net Dip Bags


Quickly and easily allows you to transport and dip your nets without having to take them out of your bag

Frenzee FXT EVA Cool Bag


Keep all your bait or food fresh with these heavy duty, foil lined cool bags

Frenzee EVA Carryall's


Conveniently stores tackle, and accessories, made from 100% waterproof heavy duty EVA material

Frenzee Roller & Accessory Bag


Fully padded bag to store fragile foam rollers

Frenzee FXT Top Kit Case


With the capacity to store up to 10 top kits this smart storage system can also be clipped on to your Frenzee Tube Holdall