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Fox Rage

Fox Rage Warrior Reel 2500


Offering incredible value for money given the astounding quality

Fox Rage Super Natural Replicant Carp Lures


New to the replicant family are the Super Natural Carp Patterns featuring incredible life like body graphics and a wobbling motion big predators cannot resist

Fox Rage UV Swing Ball


Unique soft lure pattern featuring fox rages "spikey shad" bristles with a new ball tail concept providing superior movement

Fox Rage UV Shovel Shad


Fox have taken the paddle tail to another level, Shovel Shads offer unrivaled attraction to all predatory fish thanks to that oversized shovel tail concept

Fox Rage UV Funky Worm


A lure like no other the Funky Worm has been designed to allow superior movement all predators cannot resist

Fox Rage Ultra UV Crayfish


With most rivers being packed full of crayfish why not tap into that food source with the awesome Ultra UV Crayfish

Fox Rage Street Fighter Perch Poker Rod 6'5"


A fast actioned rod designed for the larger of the perch lures and jigs. Super stylish and very 'street'.

Fox Rage Street Fighter Dropshooter Rod 7'5" 6-24g


Whether you're drop shotting on a large reservoir or walking a tow path, then this rod has the perfect action for bite detection.

Fox Rage Street Fighter Heavy Shad Rod 7'5" 10-35g


The light shads bigger brother. Aimed more towards the bigger Perch, Zander and Pike too. Crisp action, makes lure work pleasant.

Fox Rage Street Fighter Light Shad Rod 7'2" 5-20g


After a bit of fun? This rod is the one for you! Great for casting smaller lures and good fun for pike, perch, zander etc.

Fox Rage Street Fighter Drop N Jig Rod 6'8" 3-14g


A lovely balanced rod made for flinging jig heads, small spinnes and plugs around on rivers, canals and small lakes.

Fox Rage Street Fighter Finesse Rod 5'9" 1-8g


Super lightweight, compact lure rod. Ideal for casting the smallest of lures for smaller target predator species.