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Fox Rage

Fox Rage Voyager Camo Power Bank 10K MAH


Make sure you always have the power you need for your phone and other devices, with the Fox Rage Voyager Camo Power Bank.

Fox Rage Replicant Super Natural Albino Catfish 10cm/4"


A new addition to the legendary Realistic Replicant range, the Replicant Catfish delivers maximum pulling power for larger predators.

Fox Rage Predator Elite XS Boat Rod 10ft 3.5lb


This powerhouse of a rod has been designed for extracting the largest pike whilst fishing from a boat or close range from the bank.

Fox Rage Rucksack


Super functional, large capacity rucksack

Fox Rage Surefit™ 1 x 19 Strand Leaders - 30cm/5kg


For the angler that wants to start fishing straight away we offer a new range of leaders from light lure fishing up to bigger baits for large predators.

Fox Rage Rod Sleeves


The perfect protection for you rods whilst in transit

Fox Rage Slick Fast Super Soft 15cm/5.9"


New lure in the Slick Shad family

Fox Rage Kebab and Bait Popper Kit


Use this kit to make your own bottom or popped up kebab baits.

Fox Rage Treble Trace Size 4


Our Twin Treble Trace has been designed to fish both dead and livebaits.

Fox Rage Strike Point Dropshot Weights


Column-style weights for perfect dropshot presentation

Fox Rage Ultra UV Spoons 14cm 61g


A brilliant new addition to our metal lure range

Fox Rage Ready Rig Dropshot Kits


Tie them on to the end of your main line and away you go, it’s that easy. The three new Rage Ready Rigs cover a Drop Shot rig and two Texas rigs, one using Rage Slick Shads, the other boasting a new Rage creature lure. Each kit offers three rigs with a range of lure colours to cover multiple situations.