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FOX Edges Naturals Kwik Change Lead Clip Tubing Setup


Fitted with a Naturals Lead Clip and a size 7 Kwik Change Swivel

FOX Edges Essentials Rig Link & Tungsten Sleeve


Small wire quick link for attaching to boom sections

FOX Edges Hook Silicone 1.3 mm


Perfect for trapping the hair tight to the hook shank

FOX Edges Extender Stops


Extender stops allow the angler to change hook baits, size and quantity

FOX Edges Deluxe Needle Set


Five-piece needle set that features everything you need

FOX Edges Stix & Stringer Needle


The Stix baiting needle has been designed to make easy threading of PVA sticks directly onto the hooklink.

FOX Edges Easy Splice Needle


Twisted stainless steel wire designed for splicing leadcore and lead-free leader materials as well as splicing Edges Camo-Splice hooklink material

FOX Edges Kwik Change Swivel Size 7


Kwik Change Swivels when coupled with Anti Tangle Sleeves allow the angler to instantly change the rig or attach a PVA stick/bag.

FOX Edges Kwik Change O Ring Swivels Size 10


Non reflective, smoothly rotating swivels designed for use with stiff hooklinks to aid rig movement and help them sit correctly on the lake bed whilst enabling the rig to be quickly changed.

FOX Edges Ronnie Sleeve Camo


Fox Edges Ronnie Sleeves provide an easy way of securing the swivel to the eye of the hook on Ronnie/Spinner rig presentations.

FOX Edges Heli Buffer Sleeves Trans Khaki


Designed to protect the main line and offer protection when playing fish on Naked Chod/Helicopter rigs.

FOX Edges Hair Widgets Trans Khaki


Designed to attach soft hairs to any part of the hook shank