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Fortis Sherpa Fleece Camo


Same super warm jumper now in a super cool, carpy, camouflage pattern

Fortis See Deeper Hoodie Black


High quality garment suited to all situations

Fortis Polarized Phone Filter


Film deeper with the Fortis Phone Filter for those of you looking to capture the special moments on film

Fortis Boonie Hat


Maximum protection from the sun keeping you cool and shaded, available in Green or DPM

Fortis Minimal Hoodie


Perfect for the bank, street or sofa

Fortis Minimal Joggers


Comfy, smart and built to last

Fortis Bucket Hat Reversible


A bucket hat to suit every taste, choose from either olive green or a super carpy DPM with a flick of the wrist

Fortis Strokes Switch


Wan't the polarised glasses but not able to find the right style for you? These Strokes come in a sleek smart finish suitable for day to day and on the bank.

Fortis Junior Bays Fire XBLOK Polaroid Sunglasses


Getting kids into fishing is the future of our sport, thanks to Fortis there is now an opportunity to teach them good watercraft and fish spotting thanks to the junior bays

Fortis XSR Binoculars


The ultimate weapon for hunting down carp at long range, fizzers, shows, hatches.....nothings safe from these! Forget see deeper....see further!!

Fortis Sherpa Fleece


These are by far one of the warmest jumpers out there, giving you superb comfort either warn as an underlayer or by itself, made from incredible soft deep pile material

Fortis See Deeper T Shirts


Whatever your style there is something in the See Deeper range from Fortis just for you, whether its in carpy olive green or more of a casual burgundy or black