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Preston Innovations Jigger Float Kits


For the ultimate presentation when shallow fishing.

Preston Innovations Bristle Grease


Apply to pole float tips to help them sit correctly in the water

Korum Glide - Stick Float Silicone


Purpose made silicone to set the depth on your Glide Floats

Korum Glide Floats - Avon


The ultimate big fish Avon float

Korum Glide Floats - Speci Stick


The ultimate big bait, big fish float for fast-running water

Drennan Pellet Flyers


The perfect float for fishing shallow venues when using pellet.

Drennan - Mixed Float Caps


Float Caps are used for attaching Stick Floats, Loafers, Avons and other top and bottom floats to the line.

Drennan - Crystal Wagglers


Drennan Crystal Wagglers are a large family of straight, tubular models that are ideal for shallow or clear water where the fish can be ‘float shy’.

Drennan - Crystal Wagglers Glow Tip Carp Inserts


Glow Tip Carp Inserts feature our transparent Crystal®-style construction with a 6.6mm diameter straight tube and a stepped 4mm insert in a light green tint to preserve the Glow Tip effect.

Drennan - Glow Tip Antennas


Glow Tip Antenna Wagglers are perfect for reading shy bites from silverfish, crucians, and F1s.

Drennan - Peacock Waggler


This float is equally at home on rivers and lakes making this float a true all rounder. Made from natural quill these peacock wagglers are available in a large range of sizes.

Drennan - Wire Avons


Drennan Wire Avons have a hard grade balsa tip built into a light grade balsa body.