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Float Rods

Preston Innovations Ignition Pellet Waggler Rods


Seamless actions and high quality components make them unbeatable value for money.

Korum Glide Power Float Rods


Built with an incredible parabolic action, the glides really are a work of art to play fish on

Sonik SKSC Commercial Rods


A fantastic range of commercial rods that aren't going to break the bank but also boast a good quality performance.

Korum Phase 1 Rods


The perfect rod for anglers just getting into the sport, incredibly lightweight, compact and inexpensive available in 10ft Float or 10ft Feeder

Drennan Vertex Pellet Waggler 11ft


The 11ft wagglers are perfect for those that like to fish out a bit further than most or on slightly larger venues and are going for the larger fish.

Drennan Vertex Pellet Waggler 10ft


A lovely rod designed for the angler that fishes the pellet waggler.

Drennan Vertex Carp Waggler 11ft


A lovely rod that is perfect for catching carp on the waggler.

Drennan Vertex Float Rod 14ft


The longer of the two in the range the 14ft float rod is perfect for going for the longer spots.

Drennan Vertex Float Rod 13ft


A lovely 3 piece rod that is perfect for float fishing.

Drennan Acolyte Ultra 12ft Float Rod


There is only one float rod you need and that is the Acolyte float rods

Drennan Specialist X-Tension Compact Float Rod 13ft


This rod really is a bit different to most on the market. Being able to to change between lenghts of rod without having to bring mulitple rods is a game changer.

Shakespeare Omni 10ft Pellet Waggler Rod Length: 10ft, Power Rating: 10-25g


Great rod for someone just getting into pellet waggler style fishing or someone who doesn't want to break the bank.