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Frenzee Accu-Cast Cage Feeders Box of 10

£22.50 £9.99

When you talk about bargains then look no further, a box of 10 feeders for under a tenner? Yes please.

Preston Innovations ICS In-Line Banjo XR Feeders


Clever ICS (Interchange) Design allows the angler to interchange the feeder sizes without having to dismantle the entire rig

Preston Innovations ICS Banjo XR Moulds


Ensures you get the perfect amount of bait around your feeders every time

Guru Slimline X-Change Feeders


Another addition to the X-Change range the slimline feeders from Guru come in 3 sizes meaning there is a feeder to suit all anglers.

Guru Window Feeder Weights


These weights can be changed with the ones that come as standard on the feeders meaning you can customize the feeders to how you like them.

Guru Bait Up Window Feeder 40g/50g


Perfect for getting the swim active and bringing the fish in ready for when you get your rigs in place.

Guru Window Feeder


Another classic method given the guru label, the versatile window feeder available in extra small, small, medium or large sizes with a host of different weights as well there really is a feeder to suit all situations.

Guru Maggot Feeder


There are plenty of sizes to chose from in the range and we all know using a maggot feeder is an awesome way to catch fish.

Guru Extra Distance Hybrid Feeder


For those that like to feeder fish at range then these are the ones for you. Available in 4 sizes to suit every situation.

Guru Super Mini Hybrid Inline Feeder


The ever popular Hybrid inline feeders from Guru are now available in a mini 20g and 30g.

Guru Feeder Links


Available in Small, Medium or Large these make it extremely easy to change between feeders.

Avid Carp - Method Feeders


• Quick-change design • Lockable insert • Aerodynamic shape • Extra-weighted nose • Subtle flatbed design • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds The Flatbed Method Feeders allow you to present a parcel of bait with your hookbait inside. Due to the unique quick-change design, you can change the size and weight of the feeder you are using in a matter of seconds. You can even create a drop off presentation with the feeder if you want to eject it when targeting carp on weedy venues. To aid casting, the Flatbed Method feeders have a weighted nose and an aerodynamic design. The Feeders have a low profile and are finished in a subtle colour, so they are extremely inconspicuous on the bottom. The feeders are availble in two sizes (small and large). The small feeders and are available in 1.5oz or 2oz and the large in 2.5oz or 3oz.