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Westin Add-It Dropshot Weights Matte Black


These new tungsten pencil Drop Shot sinkers from Westin are of superb quality, with well made clips that will grip your line with ease and less likely to slip.

Westin Twinteez V2 V-Tail 6.5cm 1g


Version II of the legendary TwinTeez is packed with new features to improve your odds.

Fox Rage Strike Point Dropshot Weights


Column-style weights for perfect dropshot presentation

Fox Rage Illusion Soft Fluorocarbon 8LB 50M


Soft and supple hooklink material

Fox Rage Armapoint Strike Point Offset Hooks


Great for constructing the Cheb Rig or for fishing a weedless soft plastic

Fox Rage Strikepoint Dropshot Hooks


Incredibly light yet strong, ideal for the dropshot rig

E-Sox - Dropshot Hooks


E-Sox Dropshot Hooks are purpose-designed for targeting perch using modern dropshotting tactics.

E-Sox - Dropshot Bomb Weights


E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights feature a specially designed bulbous base to enable them to pivot while still holding bottom. This allows you to impart even more subtle and lifelike movements into a dropshot lure without actually moving the bomb.