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Drennan Specialist Twistlock Longreach Landing Net Handle (1.9m - 3.5m)

Ideal for the specialist angler who needs to land fish from high banks or among bankside foliage
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Manufacturer: Drennan

The newest edition to the popular twistlock landing net handle family.

The Drennan Specialist Long Reach Twistlock is made from the same seriously strong, high modulas carbon as the rest of the family. It extends from 1.9m up to 3.5m and locks in place with a simple twistlock quarter turn.

At 1.9m when closed it is the same length as most 12ft 2 piece rods when broken down and this longer model is perfect for fishing from high river banks or netting fish over dense bankside cover. It is strong enough to support large carp nets or landing nets in strong flows even at full extension.

  • Extends from 1.9m-3.5m
  • Manufactured from high modulus carbon
  • Extra rigid Standard screw fitting
  • Pinned and reinforced thread
  • Quarter turn, twist-lock design
  • Designed to support large landing nets
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