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Drennan ESOX

E-SOX Lureflex Rods


Based on light, well balanced, fast action blanks offering superb feedback

E-SOX Power Pikeflex 12ft 3.25lb


An all out powerhouse, ideal for launching large deadbaits

E-SOX Pikeflex 2 3/4lb 10ft Rod


Ideal for boat fishing or for the roving angler not wishing to use a conventional 12ft rod

E-SOX Piker 12ft 3lb+ Bait Rod


A great rod for the pike angler facing different angling scenarios

E-Sox - Zeppler Float


Zepplers are an extremely popular pike float. It has a shorter, stubbier shape than the Piker.

E-Sox - Piker Float


Piker floats are one of the most versatile predator floats on the market.

E-Sox - Subfloat


Subfloats are used as a streamlined bubble float on the surface or as a sunken float on a paternoster rig.

E-Sox - Dropshot Hooks


E-Sox Dropshot Hooks are purpose-designed for targeting perch using modern dropshotting tactics.

E-Sox - Dropshot Bomb Weights


E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights feature a specially designed bulbous base to enable them to pivot while still holding bottom. This allows you to impart even more subtle and lifelike movements into a dropshot lure without actually moving the bomb.

E-Sox - Lure Trace 30cm 34lb


E-Sox Lure Traces are ideal for fishing with plugs, lures and jigs for species such as pike and zander.

E-Sox - Spin Trace 35cm 28lb


With an easy-to-use swivel snap link, this trace is ideal for spinners, small spoons and also for smaller plugs and jigs.

E-Sox - Revolver Spin Trace


The E-Sox Revolver Spin Trace is 35cm (14”) and ideal for lighter lure fishing for pike, zander and perch.