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Daiwa 20 Crosscast 45 SCW 5000LD QD

Highly recognised for its long range capability's the crosscast 45 scw features the same incredible 45mm profile possessed by the original Basia
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Manufacturer: Daiwa
The modern 45mm profile was realised by many through the legendary Basia.

That recognised for its big distance casting capability. This Crosscast Big Pit now embraces that 45mm pedigree and the line release advantage of Slow Cross Wrap. The reduced oscillation of SCW delivers enhanced line lay. The result is lower consumption of casting energy during line release, when combined with the friction reducing double lip profile of the LC spool increases casting distance by more than 5%.

Available in a shallow C and spare deep LD spool version; (300m – 0.35mm and 530m – 0.35mm). The C edition allows filling of three spools from 1000m.

Retrieval is geared down at 4.9:1 but still cranks up to 104cm per handle turn.