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Cygnet Carp Landing Net


42 inch soft mesh landing net capable of landing the biggest carp but not with the biggest price tag

Cygnet Carp Retention Weigh Sling


Offering fantastic value for money with great features

Cygnet Sniper 220 Headtorch


Equipped with four lighting modes, motion sensing and waterproof design this is by far one of the best head torches on the market for the money

Cygnet Clinga Dumpy Kits


If you are a fan of the old school PTFE bobbins then the cygnet clinga dumpys are the bobbins for you, now available in a 3 pack

Cygnet Sniper Barrow


Top quality transportation, ideal for the short or long session angler taking up minimal space once packed down

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2


The best way to accurately weigh big fish, no more shaky estimations

Cygnet Isolite Isotopes


The Cygnet Isolites will perfectly compliment your Cygnet Indicators helping you see what is happening with them in the night without the need to put your head torch on.

Cygnet Pivot Arms


Not only are these super sensitive for indication but they also help eliminate false bleeps from the wind.

Cygnet Clinga Ball Chain


If you fancy changing up your standard link chain for something a bit different then a ball chain is just for you!

Cygnet Spare Rubber O Rings 3 Pack


Over tightening your buzzers can be easily avoided with the use of these O rings.

Cygnet Spare Kippa O Rings 5 in a Pack


If the O ring was to unfortunately perish or break then do not worry Cygnet have you covered!

Cygnet Kippa Clips


Having different line clips on your bobbins can come in handy if you fish a verity of different waters and the only thing you need to change is the style of clip. The Standard is a good all rounder where as the XT is more commonly used on fine braided lines or big water fishing.