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Crafty Catcher Big Hit Floater Kit 2kg

Floater Fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting methods for catching carp.
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Manufacturer: Crafty Catcher

Seeing the fish take the bait, the anticipation, the strike, its a thrilling way to catch your prize! To ensure you have the best days floater fishing we have Crafty Catchers Big Hit Floater Kit. These perfect floaters have been soaked in Crafty Catcher’s own unique oily attractant then coated with a layer of soluble powders. This process enables the bait to entices fish from a distance by creating an oily chum trail that flattens the water and provides an impactful scent trail for carp to hone in on. This floater kit contains all the bait you will need for a day’s floater fishing. You can fish to your heart’s content and bank some amazing carp. Their uniform size allows the floaters to be accurately and easily fed by either catapult, or a spomb/spod. This kit comes complete with a pot of boosted and ready prepared matching hook baits so you will be ready to fish straight away. The floaters are tough enough for long casting yet still soft enough for hooking or hair rigging.