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Crafty Catcher

Crafty Catcher Peg No.1 Hemp & Corn


Handy tin with the every fishes favorite bait combo.

Crafty Catcher Hi - Attract Feed Pellet


A great way of buying pellet, cheaply.

Crafty Catcher Big Hit Floater Kit 2kg


Floater Fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting methods for catching carp.

Crafty Catcher Black Halibut Pellet Grab Bags 1kg


Perfect for feeding or on the hair

Crafty Catcher Hookable Floaters 550ml


Taking the grief out of whittling down pop ups or drilling hard dog biscuits, with the added advantage of amazing attraction

Crafty Catcher Prepared Particles 1.1L Grab Pack


Handy grab bags ideal for keeping in the back of your car so you are ready for any eventuality