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Copdock Mill Peg No.1 Almond Sweetcorn 400g


Why not give them something a little different, in the shape of Copdock's bright pink, almond flavoured corn

Copdock Mill Peg No.1 Mayhem Natural Hemp 400g


Beautifully prepared hemp, cooked in the can for ultimate freshness

Copdock Mill Jelly Hookable Pellets


Soft, hookable pellets, packed with flavour and attractors, ideal for many types of fish.

Copdock Mill Mega Luncheon Meat


Small hookable meat pieces, ideal for all types of angling. Available in different flavours.

Copdock Mill Angling Prepared Tares


Perfectly prepared Tares, hookable to be fished over hemp, perfect for silver fish, especially Roach. Available in different flavours.