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CC MOORE Hemp Oil 500ml

Ideal for cold water attraction, slowly releasing droplets of oil into the water column
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Manufacturer: CC Moore

This rich, dark green oil is an extremely high quality cold pressed hemp oil which is produced for the food and pharmaceutical industries so, whilst it may be more expensive than other versions, we are confident it is the best we have ever been able to supply.

Being very thin with a low viscosity it is superb in boilie mixes, as a bait soak and as a hookbait or loose feed additive right throughout the year when fishing for a multitude of species. It adds valuable energy, antioxidants and a smooth nutty taste and aroma to your baits making them highly attractive for numerous reasons.

Hemp Oil Properties:

  • A very thin oil, ideal for cold water use
  • Adds a smooth natural nutty hemp profile to your baits
  • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
  • Excellent on floaters too, makes a nice lasting surface oil slick
  • Completely natural and PVA friendly
  • Great for loose feeds that then ‘ping’ when interrupted by feeding fish
  • Very little aroma means it can be added to all bait profile types
  • It is a pure oil so can be used at low levels – very cost effective
  • pH 4.5 - acidic

Usage Tip:

Hemp Oil is an outstanding boilie mix additive that aids rolling and adds lots more nutrients and attraction to your bait. We recommend using up to 20ml/kg with higher levels more suited to use in warm water conditions