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CC MOORE Aquasweet 50ml

Highly concentrated sweetener which intensifies the existing flavours in your hookbaits, especially fruit flavours in pop ups
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Manufacturer: CC Moore

Aquasweet is a superb ‘heat stable’ sweetener that contains a unique blend of Thaumatin (Talin) and three other carefully selected sweeteners. It is a highly concentrated sweetener which adds an intense, extremely prolonged sweetness with the most incredibly smooth, rounded flavour with no trace of any bitter after-taste that can make fish cautious and more likely to shy away from baits.

Aquasweet Properties:

  • Intense, smooth, ‘growing’ sweetness
  • No bitter after-taste associated with some sweeteners
  • Highly attractive in all hookbait types
  • Has an almost neutral aroma
  • A watery brown colour means it won’t taint ‘hi viz’ baits
  • Very heat stable and highly soluble
  • A ‘must’ for all hi-attract hookbait recipes
  • Amazing hookbait soak that hardens baits

Usage Tip:

Include in hookbait mixes at up to 1ml/egg. Finished hookbaits can also be soaked in Aquasweet for long periods where an intense hit of water-soluble attraction is required. This will also really harden baits.