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CC Moore

CC MOORE Tuna Oil 500ml


Highly attractive tuna oil full of omega 3 and natural attractors, great for summer use

CC MOORE NS1 Mini Pop Ups 8mm


A special little product these, use with zigs, pop up presentations or the trusty snowman, the choice is yours

CC MOORE Hemp Oil 500ml


Ideal for cold water attraction, slowly releasing droplets of oil into the water column

CC MOORE Aquasweet 50ml


Highly concentrated sweetener which intensifies the existing flavours in your hookbaits, especially fruit flavours in pop ups

CC MOORE Marine Amino 365 500ml


Ideal for getting your bait pumping out attraction on the lake bed, simply give them a coating of the marine amino 365 liquid and they will be supercharged with feeding signals

CC MOORE DUO Floater Hookbaits


A mix of light and dark brown hookbaits ideal for presenting over light colored dog biscuits or dark trout pellets

CC MOORE Oily Salmon Floater Pack


Fantastic value for money the Oily Salmon Floater Pack will be sure to get them summer carp troughing

CC MOORE Belachan Bag Mix 1kg


This stuff absolutely stinks!! made from fermented shrimp the belachan bag mix is a sure fire fish magnet!!

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna 15mm Session Pack


Ready for every eventuality with the added advantage of fantastic value for money

CC MOORE Live System 15mm Session Pack


A guaranteed short session hauling pack to cover all basis!!

CC MOORE Liquid Bloodworm Compound


Ideal for targeting silty lakes rich in natural food, the liquid bloodworm compound mimics the smell of a natural food larder thanks to high inclusions of real bloodworm

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Liquid Additive 500ml


Fancy making your own Pacific Tuna boilies with a few tweaks? or making up a nice fresh batch of corkball pop ups? grab a bottle of the liquid additive, some eggs and a bag of base mix and away you go!