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Catfish Pro

Catfish Pro Cat Bites Stinky Fish Liquid


A blend of pungent fishy flavours creates a liquid that is not only attractive, it also creates a irresistable cloud too.

Catfish Pro Floating Livebait Net


New Catfish Pro bespoke design - Livebait net with floatation ring, rubberised mesh, zip top, 8ft tethering cord with carabina clip. 18in diameter, 20in depth, supplied with smart stink bag.

Catfish Pro Unhooking Mats


Great original design low profile catfish unhooking mats, now made with special high density foam to make mats less bulky yet retaining the cushioning required

Catfish Pro Monster Halibut Pellets Pre-Drilled 28mm


Pre drilled, high oil pellets ideal for monster moggies

Catfish Pro Shrink Tube


3mm or 4mm Shrink Tube 8pcs x 9cm

Catfish Pro Sardee's 300g 20mm


Pre drilled, glugged pellets, designed so your hookbait gets taken first

Catfish Pro Squidders 300g 20mm


High attractive glugged pellet's

Catfish Dumbell Pro Leech & Worm Rig


An incredibly effective sub surface rig to trap the wariest of moggies

Catfish Pro Ready Tied Hair Rigs


More than capable of taming those monster moggies, simply tie them on and away you go!!

Catfish Pro Red Devil 20mm Drilled Pellets


Super attractive drilled pellets glugged in fish oils to maximize pulling power

Catfish Pro 54kg/120lb Dial Scales


Monster fish demand monster tackle and the new Catfish Pro 120lb Scales are just the ticket for them monster moggies!!!!!

Catfish Pro Buffer Beads


Ideal for keeping knots protected during long drawn out fights with big fish