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Matrix SLIK Catapult Spare Elastics


Spare elastic for SLIK catapults (one set per pack)

Matrix Slik Catapults


Developed using SLIK elastic for enhanced durability

Preston Innovations Matchpult


Purposely designed for natural baits like maggots, caster and corn

Preston Innovations Pelletpult


Designed for commercial fisheries where catapulting pellets is the winning method

Drennan Groundbait Caty X-Long Range


The groundbait caty has been designed to to increase range when fishing ground bait.

Drennan Softfeed Groundbait Catapult


These catapults have been made so that they can deliver bait accurately and all in one piece without the worry of the balls breaking up before getting to your spot.

Drennan Boilie Pult


The Drennan Boilie Pult is perfect for those that like to get a spread of boilies out in the lake up to 100 meters!

Drennan Feeder Pult Catapults


The feeder pults from Drennan have been desgined perfectly so you can catapult bait as far out as you are fishing the feeder, this includes balls of ground bait!

Drennan Waggler Range Catapult


Perfect for using when waggler fishing and you need to build the swim up or just keep the fish in the area.

Drennan Pole Line Catapults


Purposefully designed when you need to feed over your pole line, I also like to use these when spraying maggot over my method feeder or my float.

Korum No Twist Catapult


There is nothing worse than when you are catapulting bait out and the elastic starts to twist up on you. Fear not as Korum have the solution to the problem with the No Twist Catapult!

Drennan - Revolution Tangle Free Catys


The Drennan Revolution Tangle Free Caty features a new design of pouch and frame, with super-slick rotation bearings.