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Casting Accessories

Solar Tackle Strong Arm Line Clip


The best line clips on the market and in a range of sizes to perfectly suit any rod blank

Spomb Pro Casting Glove


Offering full protection from braid and from getting stinking hands

Cygnet Prodding Stick v2


Now a prodding stick is an absolute essential if you do a lot of boat work or alternatively if you are allowed to wade on your venue this can be used to great affect finding spots in the edge!

Avid Carp - Boilie Screws


These camouflaged hard plastic Boilie Screws will grip almost any bait. Create the perfect quick change pop-up presentation.

FOX - Ambidextrous Casting Finger Stall


The FOX casting finger stall features a soft leather finger for improved feel and can be used left or right handed.

Gardner - Original Weed Rake


Gardner‘s “Original Weed Rake” has been Designed to be easily cast to clear small spots of weed and create clear channels to improve line lay to new and existing clear spots, the Weed Rake is invaluable and has led to the capture of some of the largest carp in the country.

Gardner - Bank Saw


The Bank Saw is a versatile compact saw that can be screwed onto any long bankstick or landing net handle and used for cutting out snags or clearing small branches.

Gardner - Deluxe Weed Rake


The Spikey weed rake used to drag up low weeds and debris that could cause snagging.

Gardner - Multi Rake


The Multi Rake is the ideal multi functional tool for quickly clearing weed, twigs and leaves from your spot. Its design allows the rake to be attached to a rope and thrown by hand, or attached to a landing net handle or pole with the integral 3/8 BSF thread.

Gardner - Casting Finger Stalls


Finger stalls are a must have if you don't want line burn on your fingers! These gloves provide perfect protection to any range of casting.

Gardner - Casting Gloves


The index finger has a double layer of leather to protect your finger when repetitively casting a spod, without impairing the ‘feel’ needed for consistently achieving the required accuracy and distance.

Korda - Marker Elastic


Korda's marker elastic will help you to easily mark your lines, ensuring that you can fish accurately, even at night. Once you’ve found your spot and clipped up, simply tie the elastic to your line next to the tip, a specific rod ring or the spigot using the knot shown here. When you come to recast, as long as the elastic lines up with that spot on your rod, you know that you’re clipped at the right distance… simple. Our elastic is hi-viz and grips the line extremely well, yet is easy to remove when you no longer need it!