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Carryalls & Rucksacks

Avid Compound Carryalls


The Compound Carryall creates the perfect base in which to build your Compound Luggage System

ESP Quickdraw Camo Rucksack


Complementing the Quickdraw Unhooking Mats perfectly is the new Quickdraw Rucksack giving you the option to travel unrestricted thanks to the buckles which accommodate the quickdraw mats

Wychwood Tactical HD Backpack


Lightweight, comfortable and a pleasure to use, rucksacks very rarely have all the pros without the cons....until now

Wychwood Tactical HD Packsmart Carryall


A carryall version of the Packsmart bag giving you a larger storage system for longer sessions

Wychwood Tactical HD Carryall


Offering great tackle transportation and storage the HD Carryall is a must have for the mobile angler

Wychwood Tactical HD Packsmart


A must have item for anglers wishing to travel light or rove up and down rivers and need to carry sufficient tackle for a range of scenarios

Korda Compac Cool Bag X-Large


If you like to go for long sessions, take lots of food, or beer, or bait then this new addition to Korda's Luggage range is the one for you.

Korda Compac Carry Cube


One of the many new additions to the ever growing Compac Luggage range from Korda

Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap


The ideal strap for unhooking mats or replacement straps for rod quivers

Trakker Downpour Roll-Up Bed Bag


A wet sleeping bag has to be one of the worst experiences, thanks to the Roll-Up Bed Bag that will be a thing of the past.

Trakker Downpour Roll-Up Carryall


Keep your spare clothes bone dry with the Downpour Roll-Up Carryall.

ESP Rucksack 40 Litre


If like me you love using a rucksack then this is one that you must have, a Large 40 Litre capacity and DPM in colour what more could you ask for.