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Carp Spirit

Carp Spirit Black Boat 230


All Aboard!!!! Whether is a big pit in the UK or Abroad the Black Boat 230 is the tool for the job!

Carp Spirit Magnum Sleeping Bag 5 Season


Comfortable in the most extreme conditions

Carp Spirit Magnum Bed


You will be in the land of nod in no time!!

Carp Spirit BLAX Bora Point Bank Stick


High quality banksticks featuring an auger style point allowing easy purchase on hard ground

Carp Spirit BLAX Storm Pole


Super strong and super lightweight

Carp Spirit INOX 300 Angle Adapter


Designed to provide additional angle adjustment

Carp Spirit INOX 300 Weigh Hook


Ideal for creating a solid study weigh bar

Carp Spirit Quick Release Adapter


Making it quick and easy to interchange alarms or accessories that fit onto a bank stick

Carp Spirit Single Terminal Tackle Box


Ideal for storing your rigs once made up

Carp Spirit - Line Remover


Makes de spooling your reel a breeze

Carp Spirit BLAX Sling Mat


Compact unhooking mat perfect for the roving angler, with the added advantage of doubling up as a weigh sling

Carp Spirit HD2 Bite Alarms


Packed with great feature's for a tiny price