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Carp Porter Bucket Brackets

Compatible with all CP models
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Manufacturer: Carp Porter
  • Holds 17ltr Buckets
  • Compatible with all CP models
  • Two versions
  • Can store multiple empty buckets#

The 17ltr Bucket Bracket offers a neat, easy solution to transport your buckets to and from the swim.

It comes in two sizes 15mm and 18mm to fit all our Carp Porter and Power Porter models. Please refer to the size guide to ensure your bucket bracket is compatible with your Carp or Power Porter.

Carp Porter Tips:

  1. If you’re carrying heavy particles like hemp, it will carry the weight no problem, but we always recommend loading the bucket on last and taking it off first, ensuring the barrow doesn’t tip over.
  2. If you take multiple buckets on a session, you can simply load as many empty buckets as you need in the holder, then drop the full bucket of bait into the empty buckets.

When the Bucket Bracket isn’t in use, or you need your barrow to be smaller during transit, there’s two magnets to ensure the holder is secured in place.

See size chart for which bucket is compatible with our range of Carp Porters.