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Carp Care

Nash Carp Care Collapsible Water Bucket


Brilliantly practical the extra tough but lightweight Carp Care Collapsible Water Bucket uses welded seams and webbing grab handles for strength with a rigid aluminium top ring to maintain shape when filled, but still folds down flat for transport.

Prologic C-Series Retainer and Weigh Sling


Anything that reduces the amount of kit you take fishing can only be a good thing – and this new essential carp care product in our C-Series range does just that, by combining a floating retainer and a weigh sling into one.

Avid Folda-Cradle


The Folda-Cradle from Avid Carp is the ultimate in speed, protection, mobility.

Nash Medi-Carp Propolis Refill


Replenish your Medi Carp Propolis kit to continue treating hook marks and body wounds effectively in the carp you catch, and promote tissue repair.

Nash Hi-Protect Cradle Camo


The Hi Protect Camo Cradles instantly allow you to choose whether they retain water or not, either for personal preference or to keep you within fishery rules.

Nash Scope Ops Flat Mat V2


A single, versatile sizing to protect carp of any dimensions the Scope Ops Flat Mat’s 60mm high density foam protects over any terrain no matter how inhospitable.

Solar Collapsible Water Bucket


Simple, but essential bankside item.

JRC Cocoon 2G Retainer Sling


Classic designed weigh sling with foldable bars for easy storage and transportation.

FOX Carpmaster STR Weigh Slings


Short Term Retention weigh sling designed to safely retain your carp prior to weighing/photographs

Korda Compac Water Bucket


The Compac Water Bucket provides a water transfer solution without the need for transporting the normal bulky plastic buckets.

Prologic Avenger Cradle's


Utilising a light weight and very compact frame, the Avenger cradles offer the very best in fish care.

Korum Supa Lite Fast Mat


Fishcare made faster! This fantastic innovation provides a pop-up unhooking mat that's as easy to use as it is to transport.