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Bivvies & Shelters

Fox 60" Camo Brolly


Weather you are an angler that likes to fish the days and need something to keep the rain at bay or something to keep in the quiver as a get out of jail card the Fox Camo 60" brolly can do it all.

Fox EOS 2 Man Bivvy Skin


An essential for the colder months to keep the warmth in and the condensation at bay.

Nash Titan Hide Fast Fit Storm Pole Adapters


Essential for keeping your shelter pinned down in harsh weather

Tempest Brolly 100T +Skull Cap + Ground Sheet


This deal is too good to miss, get your hands on this bundle now before it is too late!

Tempest 100 Brolly + Skull Cap + Groundhseet


A tempest brolly and a skull cap and a groundsheet all in one bundle price? Basically giving it away now!

Trakker Tempest 100T + Social Cap


A taller version of the ultimate brolly with the added social cap as well! What are you waiting for buy it now!!

Tempest Brolly 100 + Social Cap


The ultimate brolly with the ultimate add on in one package deal? Where do I pay?!

Avid Carp Screen House Compact 3D


The smallest screen house available yet still boasting plenty of room for those sessions where you just want to live comfortably.

Avid Carp Screen House 4D


The Ultimate social center, or cook house or even a very spacious bivvy for those long European Sessions the Screen House 4D can do it all!

Sonik AXS Bivvies


A lightweight yet extremely durable bivvy from sonik which goes up in seconds and will stand strong in any element thrown at it.

Sonik Sports AXS Shelter


The ultimate lightweight shelter that will keep you dry on those rainy days, also allowing you to fish overnight sessions and has rear vents too for those hot summer sessions!

Ridgemonkey EscAPE 2 man Standard Bivvy

£1,024.99 £899.99

A new Generation of Bivvies have hit the shelves and of course they have come from the Industry leading Ridgemonkey Stable!