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Bite Alarms

Sonik HeroX Bite Alarms


Never before have so many features been packed into an alarm system at this price point.

Sonik SKS2 Bite Alarms 4 Rod Set

£199.99 £179.99

Sonik's revamped version of the popular SKS Alarm

Sonik Gizmo2 Bite Alarms


The Gizmo2 Bite Alarm follows on from the huge success of the original Gizmo Bite Alarm system.

Trakker DB7-R 3 Rod Bite Alarm Set

£399.99 £349.99

After 5 years of development and complete design from the ground up, the dB7-R Alarm range has been created to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Sonik SKS2 Bite Alarms


Sonik's revamped version of the popular SKS Alarm

Delkim TXI-D Presentation Sets

£620.89 £539.99

Swipe yourselves this incredible deal on a set of three Delkim TXI-D's complete with all of the necessary accessories

FOX Micron MX Receiver

£79.99 £69.99

Designed to work with Micron MX alarms

Delkim Black Box Storage Case


The Delkim ‘Black Box’ is a carry case specifically designed for the safe storage and transportation of all Delkim alarms and accessories.

Nash Siren R3+ Alarms


The R3+ offers the same iconic and instantly recognizable style as the groundbreaking R3 alarms, but now with even more advanced features.

Carp Spirit HD2 Bite Alarms


Packed with great feature's for a tiny price

Nash Siren R2 Alarms


The next generation of the amazing siren alarms

FOX - Micron MX 4 Rod Presentation Set


4 Rod set with a receiver making the Micron MX set a perfect budget friendly option that you'll have full confidence in every session. 6 LED colour settings that are highly visible even through foggy conditions.