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Bite Alarms

Sonik VaderX Bite Alarms


Offering incredible features at an unbeatable price

Korda Basix Mini Stows


The Awesome concept of the Stow Bobbin now in a smaller more affordable version but still delivers the performance you need.

FOX Mini Microns


With Fox's track record of producing fantastic bite alarms you can rest assured that the Mini Microns will be packed with all the modern features for a fraction of the price!!

Nash Siren Night Glo Bobbins


The perfect compliment to the Siren R4 Alarms

Nash Siren R4 Alarms


Never has so many high tech, revolutionary features been packed into a bite alarm, the R4's really are the future of bite alarms

Fox RX+ Digital Single Head


If you are looking to complete your set of alarms to a three or our rod then snap up this deal while you can.

Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarms


Another exceptional range of alarms that Sonik have bought to the market which as you would expect come with the bivvy lite and the receiver in all the sets!

Sonik Gizmo Litez Bobbins


The new Gizmo Litez Bobbin is a fully adjustable bobbin indicator which come supplied with two different length Opti-Curve chains which have a screw fitting at each end and a removable 10g screw in weight

FOX Micron MX 2 Rod Presentation Set


2 Rod set with a receiver making the Micron MX set a perfect budget friendly option that you'll have full confidence in every session. 6 LED colour settings that are highly visible even through foggy conditions.

Sonik Gizmo Single Alarm


If you want functionality and affordability in a bite alarm then take a look at the Gizmo's

Sonik SKS3+1 Alarm+ Bivvy Lamp


Compact, lightweight and jam packed with all the latest technology, all condensed down into a sleek 100% waterproof body

Cygnet Clinga Dumpy Kits


If you are a fan of the old school PTFE bobbins then the cygnet clinga dumpys are the bobbins for you, now available in a 3 pack