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Big Pit

Prologic Element XD 8000 FD


Offering the perfect balance between lightness, strength and smooth performance the Element XD is built on a graphite frame with ABS/1k carbon side plates.

Daiwa 23 EMBLEM 45 SCW QD OT


This improved Emblem not only has the looks, it has the technical features to back it up. It combines a 45mm LC Long Cast spool with Slow Cross Wrap line lay, enabling extreme casting distances. A high end performance is complimented by an excellent price-performance ratio.

Penn Vantage XT 8000 Long Cast


For those who choose to pit their wits against the elusive and the enormous, you must have equipment that you can depend on.

Okuma Pulzar PZB-7000 Reel


Okuma Pulzar baitfeeder reels feature on/off auto trip bait feeding system allows anglers to disengage their spinning reel spool and allow their bait to run freely, cyclonic flow rotor design increases air flow through the ported rotor, minimizing water intrusion and corrosion.

Sonik Xtractor Pro 5000 GS Reel

£64.99 £49.99

XTRACTOR PRO 5000GS Reel Description The Sonik Xtractor Pro 5000 GS Fishing Reel is the perfect tool for every fishing enthusiast

Prologic Element XD 7000 FD


Offering the perfect balance between lightness, strength and smooth performance

Daiwa 23 Emblem 45 SCW QD


The Emblem 45 SCW QD with the long cast spool offers the finest technique at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Shimano Baitrunner CI4+ XTB LC Reels


The Baitrunner Ci4+ XTB-LC is claimed by many to be Shimano’s ultimate Baitrunner reel

Shimano Baitrunner LC XTB Reel


The Baitrunners are back and they are fully stocked with the best Shimano technologies.

Prologic Avenger XD 7000 FD Reel *BUY 2 GET 1 FREE*


An amazing deal on amazing reels, you can simply buy one individually or take full advantage of this deal and buy two get a third free, saving you a cool crisp £69.99



The Daiwa 20 Emblem is the golden edition of big pit carp reels.



When it comes to casting extreme distances or boating a rig out even further the Whisker 45 SCW QD OT begins to come into its own.