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Beads, Swivels & Lead Set Ups

Korum Specimen Snap Swivels


Ideal for helicopter rigs and feeder work allowing you to change hooklinks quickly and easily

FOX Edges Tadpole Multi Bead


The Multi Bead has been designed to create a semi fixed running lead set up with either an inline or swivel style lead

Nash Tungsten Inline Lead Insert


Soft insert to make discharging inline a lot safer and easier.

Korum Quick Change Beads


The clue is in the name, these beads are quick and easy to use enabling you to change things up in a heart beat and not miss out on valuable rod time!

Korum Camo Running Rig Clips


With two sizes avalible it means you can change your method of fishing very quick and easy and not have to worry about compromising on the sizing of your terminal.

Korum Camo Running Rig Kits


Everything in one kit that you will need to construct a running rig. Most effectively used with feeders it is available in to sizes.

Korum Ready Heli Kits


All you need to fish a heli rig all on one wire, all you need to do is thread it on the line and awau you go!

Korum Ready Float Kit


The ready float kit is practically ready to fish straight away all that's missing is the float and the hook end! Or you can use this to create a paternoster set up or helicopter set up.

Korum Feedabeads


Ideal for quickly attaching or changing your feeders as well as being able to move freely so you can rest assure you are fishing safely.

Korum Camo Buffer Bead Kit


Perfect for use with feeders or even small inline leads, the kit is complete with swivels and beads to ensure you have all the components you need to make a safe set up.

FOX - Edges Tapered Main Line Stoppers


Not only do these help with sinking your mainline they have a taper to allow end tackle to easily pass over making them totally safe. Ideal for ‘Naked Chod’ style rigs in conjunction with Fox Tungsten Beads - 5mm.