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FOX Edges Hair Widgets Trans Khaki


Designed to attach soft hairs to any part of the hook shank

FOX Edges Hookbead 7-10


Designed to create the ultimate in modern anti-eject carp rigs.

FOX Edges Naturals Leader Beads


Designed to create safe and secure Helicopter rigs on leaders

FOX Edges Naturals Run Ring Kits


Everything you need to make a Running Rig Setup

FOX Edges Naturals Bore Bead 4mm


Designed for direct use onto Leadcore and Submerge leaders

FOX Edges Naturals Tapered Bore Beads 6mm


These shock absorbing beads have a stepped taper to sit neatly over swivels

Thinking Anglers Crook Beads


They retain the hooklink perfectly, whilst allowing unrestricted movement of the loop thanks to their smooth finish and rounded

One More Cast Dazzler Long Distance Hook Bead


Hook beads that wont slip when blasting your rigs to the horizon

Korda High Grip Hook Bead Medium


No more will you have the issue of your hook bead slipping on the cast, the Korda High Grip hook beads really grips the shank so when you have to give it the biggun you know your hookbait is going no where!

Trakker Heli Bore Bead


Works with naked helicopter sleeve to create a helicopter stopper

Trakker Heli Bead


Great for setting which position you want your helicopter rig to sit on the lake bed

Trakker Buffer Beads


Creates a buffer on running and helicopter rigs